Advanced Question: Drag and Drop Scale

This article will help you setup a Drag and Drop Scale question. 

Adding a Drag and Drop Scale Question:

  1. If you have not created a question before, please see the following article before you begin 
    1. How to add a Question
  2. The 'New Question' box will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Advanced' from the Question menu
    3. Select 'Drag and Drop Scale' 
    4. Click 'Create'

Program Your Question

Now that your question has been created, its time to customize it. 

  1. Add your question text as needed 
  2. Add your 'Drag Items' as needed. 
    1. These will be the tiles that you drag all onto a single scale 
    2. These can be text, images or a combination of both. 
  3. You can also add 'Don't Know Responses' if you need an opt out.
    1. These are not required

Formatting the Drag Items

  1. Access the 'Overall Question Settings' 
    1. See article: Overall Question Settings
  2. Scroll down to the 'Drag Item Options' 
  3. Click on the 'Edit Display Options >' button and the following will appear 

    1. 'Position'  - Refers to the default position (location) of all of the 'Drag Items'. The options are 'Top' (default), 'Left', 'Bottom', 'Right'
    2. 'Orientation' - You can select from either 'Horizontal' (default) or 'Vertical'   
    3. 'Item Width' - The width of the 'Drag Items'. The default is 200px. 
    4. 'Item Height' - The height of the 'Drag Items' The default is 200px. 
    5. 'Item Offset' - Allows you to stagger the appearance of the 'Drag Items'. You can select from 'Odd' of 'Even'
    6. 'Item Offset Value' - Allows you to control the amount of the offset using a numeric input.
    7. 'Vertical Spacing' - Gives you the ability to have the 'Drag items' overlap vertically by the amount indicated in the input
    8. 'Horizontal Spacing' - Gives you the ability to have the 'Drag items' overlap horizontally by the amount indicated in the input
      • NOTE: 
        • If you want the 'Drag Items' to be on top of each other make the 'Item Width' identical to the 'Horizontal Spacing' and make the 'Item Height' identical to the 'Vertical Spacing'. Just make sure the Spacing numbers are negative. 
  4. Click the '< Back' button at the top once you are done 

Create Your Scale

  1. Access the 'Overall Question Settings' 
    1. See article: Overall Question Settings
  2. Scroll down to the 'Scale Options' section
  3. There will be three locations you may need to update. By default the range is 0-100: 
    1. 'Start' - This will be the lowest rating possible. In this case 0.
    2. 'End' - This will be the highest rating possible. In this case 100.
    3. 'Total Ticks' -  You will have to do some math to calculate the total number of ticks. Since your range is 0-100, this should be 101, to include the 0. 
  4. There is an option you may want to turn on also:
    1. 'Show item value after drop' - This will display the rating value after you are done moving the tile so you have a comparison to the rest. 
  5. Next, click on the 'Edit Range Headers >' button. This is where you can create and place your text along the scale. 

    1. Enter a range in the fields provided. 
      • 'Start' - The beginning of the range
      • 'Stop' - The end of the range
      • 'Alignment' - Use this drop down to align your text as needed
      • 'Content' - Will be the text you want to appear in that 'Range Header'
      • Repeat this process for each of the headers you want to display. 
      • Note: 
        • You can use negative numbers
        • You will have one of these ranges for each group of text you want displayed
        • Use html to add line returns where needed
      • Example: Lets say my entire scale is 0-100 and I want text over the center of the scale, I can add a 35 as my 'Start' and 65 as my 'Stop'. Then select 'Center' for the 'Alignment' and enter my content. 
      •  Click the '< Back' button once you are done creating your scale
  6. You may also want to adjust the following in the 'Scale Options'
    1. 'Precision' - This refers to the number of decimals you would like to have included. The default is 2 but if you want to keep it to whole numbers update it to 0
    2. 'Major Ticks' - This is set have every multiple of 10 up to and including 100 be major ticks. Depending on your scale, you may want to update that. 
    3. 'Snap Items' - You will want to toggle this one on. This will snap the drag item to the tick value you are rating it. This is a lot more important with a smaller scale because there is a greater distance between each one. The default allows you to drop the drag item close enough to one of the ticks but it does not have to be directly on it. Turning this one forces it to snap to the value tick. 


There are some common settings you may want to use which are located in the 'Validation' Settings

  1. Access the 'Overall Question Settings' 
    1. See article: Overall Question Settings
  2. There are 2 specific items you may want to toggle on:
    1. 'Force Uniques' - Used if you want to make each rating unique. This allows no ties. 
    2. 'Show Dedupe Warning' - Provides a message to the to indicate an identical rating has been made. You will then have to update your responses before being allowed to continue.  
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