Creating a Survey from Scratch

This article will help you create a survey from scratch within our system

Creating a Survey

  1. From the 'Project List', click on the '+ New Survey' button on the top 

  2. The 'New Survey' screen will appear. By default, a 'Blank' survey template will be selected but you can click on the 'Start from Definition File' if you need to 

  1. Add your 'Survey Name' and 'Company Name' (if applicable) 

  2. You have the option to click on the 'Show Additional Options' button in order to provide access to this project. This can also be done once the project has been fully created  

    • You have two options but neither are required: 
      • Option 1: 'Assign all permissions except SAT to user' - This allows you to grant access other than 'Build & Edit' access
      • Option 2: ' Assign custom permissions to group' - Allows you to provide custom permissions to a predetermined group of users
  3. Click 'Create' and you will be sent to the 'Survey Dashboard' for this newly created project 

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